Environmental Insurance Claims Support

Delta recognizes that claims analysts oftentimes need assistance with evaluating and managing environmental insurance claims. This need stems from the overwhelming amount of claims handled by a given analyst at any one time and not a lack of understanding with respect to regulations or regulatory frameworks. To meet this need, Delta personnel have worked on hundreds of insurance projects ranging from relatively simple tank removals to complex remedial actions at industrial/commercial facilities.

Delta personnel have assisted in all facets of the claims process

To assist analysts, we offer the following services

Source and timing analyses
Forensic evaluations (age dating and fingerprinting)
Detailed cost/invoice reviews
Personnel extremely experienced with prevailing and historic regulations
Data and document reviews to ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks
  Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) services
Site investigation and remediation services
Technical support to answer any questions you may have
Litigation and expert testimony
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