Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

Without a doubt, we at Delta believe the two most significant attributes an expert can have to effectively support a client and their counsel in matters concerning environmental litigation are knowledge and experience. Being able to dissect and critically evaluate environmental data to resolve complex environmental issues is paramount to the success of any matter. However, success goes beyond this. An expert must be able to take what is otherwise “Greek” to most and distill it down to concepts that are easily understood by judges, mediators and/or juries.

We have supported counsel in matters concerning...

  • Determining whether actions taken substantially comport either currently or historically with the National Contingency Plan (NCP) & state level regulatory frameworks
  • Evaluating whether actions taken were reasonable, customary and appropriate within the context of the prevailing regulatory framework
  • Cost allocations and reasonableness of cleanup costs incurred
  • Compliance with historic and prevailing regulatory standards.
  • Fate and transport analysis, and receptor evaluations
  • Evaluations of source and timing
  • Deposition & trial testimony
  • Evaluating Compliance with ASTM 1527 Standard for Phase I ESA’s 
  • NJDEP Requirements for Preliminary Assessments.

To support our clients and counsel throughout the litigation process, we provide the following services

Preparation of Expert Reports, Affidavits of Merit and Declarations

Deposition Preparation

2D and 3D Data Presentations/GIS

Preparation of Demonstratives

Forensic Evaluations (Fingerprinting and Age Dating)

Providing input with respect to opposing expert depositions

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