Site Development

It has been our overwhelming experience, that when it comes to site development or re-development two factors always loom large – cost and timing, and not necessarily in that order. Delta is very conscious of these considerations even if they are in the throes of investigation and/or remediation. To meet the rigorous time frames and scheduling constraints imposed upon us, we work in real-time with our client’s development schedule to collect and analyze samples, make real-time decisions depending upon the results of the analyses, manage soils for off-site disposal if necessary, develop alternative standards for remediation and implement remedial actions that will allow for the continued construction and development at a particular site. We also support our clients at public meetings to address any concerns the municipality or public may have concerning contamination that may remain at the property.  This usually includes public testimony and/or the preparation of demonstratives to allay public concerns.

Delta ​works with clients to keep projects moving forward

Delta offers:

Sampling and Laboratory Analyses
Data Interpretation
Participation at Public Hearings
Testimony and Demonstrative Development
Real-Time Decision Making
Soils Management
Regulatory Reporting and RAOs
Empathy for the Project Schedule and Timing
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